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   The 16th Annual Texas 200 June 12 - 17, 2023

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Starting in 2022, we have an official Club Burgee for the Texas 200 Sailing Club
that may be purchased and flown by any member in good standing.
These can be purchased via PayPal on the SIGN-UP page of this website.

Starting in 2013, we develop an annual event burgee that participants in the annual June Texas 200 event can purchase and fly during the week of the event. In recent years, these burgees are designed by Club members through a design contest that is held each Spring. Any member can submit one or more burgee designs for consideration, and then we publish the submitted designs (anonymously) on our Facebook page for commenting and voting. Based on votes and comments received, the Board will make a final determination of the winner of each year's design contest, and we will work with the designer to finalize the design and get it ready for the printers. More information on the annual burgee design contest is also on the SIGN-UP page of this website.

Below are the previous years Burgees since 2013.
2013 Designed by Kevin Green

2014 Designed by Kevin Green

2015 Designed by Kevin Green

2016 Designed by Kevin Green

2017 Designed by Kevin Green

2018 Designed by Eric Dahlkamp
This was the first year we had a contest for designs.

2019 Designed by Pehr Jansson

2020 Designed by Kevin Green
This was still a contest but with a viral theme... Pun intended..

2021 Designed by Kim Apel and Morgan Apel-Leonard (Daughter)
This special design was to be the 2020 burgee in honor of Kim Apel but due to the pandemic we pushed it to 2021 so that it could coincide with Kim's Memorial during the Texas 200. This design has since moved on to become the permanent Club Burgee of the Texas 200.

2022 Designed by Eric Dahlkamp