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June 8 - 12, 2009

Now that the 2009 Texas 200 is over, I will be posting links to pictures and stories here. If you have photos, please send them to me on a disk and I will post them to my Flickr page so that anyone can look at them and ask the photographer for the originals. The same goes for video clips. Likewise if you have a story to tell, send it to me and I will post that here as well.

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Fun Stuff:

Hey chuck here is a poem I wrote to inspire the Puddle Duckers on this epic journey known as the TX200. Just thought you would like it.
Jason Nabors

We face cynics, skeptics, and some even strife.
We take criticism from strangers, brothers, and on occasion the wife.

We hear calls of WHAT THE....? and now I've seen it all.
Yet we're still on the water having a ball.

Our rudders are plywood our sails are tarp.
In a world of Marlin we are merely a Carp.

We cartop, truck bed, and some even trailer.
Our pennants surveyors tape our bilge pump a bailer.

Our love for these boxes may it never diminish.
We may not finish first, BUT WE DAMN WELL WILL FINISH.

Sawdust and Spray