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The Waiver is here.

The Board of Directors

The Board of Directors was set up a few years back when we got set up as a nonprofit and became an actual club. This year, we have expanded the Board to seven members.

The current Board members are as follows:

Chris Breaux
John Goodman
Kevin Green
Jack LaBarge
Chuck Pierce
Stan Roberts
Marty Williams

If you are a paid up member of the Club and have any questions or comments for the Board, you can email them at texas200board@yahoo.com.

PDF copies of the Club's bylaws and financial statements are available to any member in good standing upon request.


 Emergency Numbers

The default number for any real emergency is 911
Use the local fishermen and boaters for assistance if you can. They will often help and will likely cost a lot less or not at all. Salvage of abandoned boats is a strange area of the law so beware.

Coast Guard Station, Raymondville 956-689-2488
Towing Services Port Mansfield: Capt. John's tow service 956-367-1291
PM Boat repair 956-367-1197
Emergency medical response in Port Mansfield by volunteers, 956-944-2222
The closest emergency room is 45 miles away.

All emergency 911
Police - Port Aransas 361-749-6241
Coast Guard 361-937-1898
Towing – Pirates of the Bay (I can not recommend this) 361-523-9452

Police 361-729-1111

Police 361-729-2222

Police 361-785-2069
Evenings 361-553-4646

Coast Guard 512-983-2616

Click HERE to download a copy of the phone numbers list in Word format