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The Tenth Annual Texas 200 June 12 - 16, 2017

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If you plan to sail with us this year, and are not on the list below, please let us know if you are sailing the traditional route or the "Hard Way", your name, your boat's type and name, and the name of your crew. Send an email to:
Matt Schiemer at and we will get you added to the list.
Captain and Crew
Tom Bodine (Capt.)
Richard Dean Johnson
West Wight Potter 19, Frimi
Gary Butters (Capt.)
Hobie Tandem Island, Notafinga
Hamilton Cowie (Capt.)
John Rudden
17' O'Day Daysailer, Resevoir Dog
Kirk Funkhouser (Capt.)
Tate Funkhouser
Mayfly 16, Joss
John Hippe (Capt.)
Kaitlyn Hippe
Hannah Hippe
15' Wayfarer
Hard Way
Chuck Pierce (Capt.)
14' Michalak Mayfly, Gamaray
Hard Way
Matt Schiemer (Capt.)
Chris Maynard
19' O'Day Mariner, Odisea
Hard Way
Roger Siebert (Capt.)
Flint, R&R
Cathy Tomsett (Capt.)
Bolger Featherwind, Hello Kitty
W Travis Votaw (Capt.)
Bobby Chilek
Princess 22, Pilgrim
Hard Way
John Wright (Capt.)
Crew TBD
24' Proa
Hard Way