The Seventh Annual Texas 200 June 9 - 13, 2014

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Odysseus on the Texas 200

by Wade Tarzia

Let us arise and go, middle-aged
middle-classed comrades,
we will show the couch-bounded
what the desk-bound can do
when winter's daydreams are spring's seeds
and summer's harvest. Not dead
the plans of yesteryear to cross the seas
and pull up prow on a shore with an accent --
merely modified, adjusted at the edges,
shrunken in volume yet our tales
will be in vogue at water-cooler and barbecue.
We shall trade-in the midAtlantic 'Green Giants'
for that squall that ploughed up 10 miles
of our day’s run, and we'll magnify
the jib-sheet burns into warrior's wounds
for in this reduced life of the Un-Odyssey all
things are made greater with a smaller ruler. 
So let the daughters and sons labor in our stead,
they will pay their dues as we did, sweating over
quarterly reports on weekdays that colonize weekends.
But let us not tarry, shall we prove now that youth
is best used by the aged, that the reports can wait,
the bosses can [screw] themselves, the significant
others can call in favors owed 
on some less auspicious week? 
Come, push off from the beach, harden the sheet, 
and we shall sail beyond the public docks,
see the sights that only those who escape the couch
can claim for mind and memory,
and our bounded daring shall not cease
until the week’s last sun sets, and
eternal Monday calls again.

If you are not on the way to Port Mansfield soon, yer gonna miss it!

Fair winds!

If you want to learn more about the Texas 200 organization, check the info page for info about the board of directors and about where the money goes.

If you would like to pay by check, please email Chuck Pierce at texas200chuckp@yahoo.com so he can send you address info.

See you at Port Mansfield!

Club Dues

We are now organized as a non-profit club and to pay for insurance and other expenses, we are collecting annual dues. Anyone can join the club and we are requiring all participants to do so. You MUST join and pay dues in order to participate in the Texas 200.

Club Dues - $35.00

Name of Member

Texas 200 Burgee SOLD OUT

These are high quality burgees made of 400 denier nylon with a UV inhibitor and edge binding. Coated with polyurethane to seal thread ends. Designed by our own Kevin Green. These can be picked up at the Captain's Meeting on June 8th. If you want a burgee but do not plan on sailing with us this year, send your mailing address to texas200chuckp@yahoo.com and we will mail it to you. Expect it in late May.

Burgee - $30.00

Name of Member

Club Dues plus Burgee SOLD OUT

Get 'em both and save ten bucks.


Name of Member

Shuttle Bus Seat - Deadline May 12

We should have plenty of seats available on the bus this year, but we ask that you only purchase one per boat, please.

To board the bus you must have paid your club dues, attended the Captain's meeting on Sunday morning, and signed and submitted a waiver which we will have available at the meeting.

Bus Seat - $75.00

Name of Vessel

Shrimp Boil

Our traditional Shrimp Boil will take place this year at Magnolia Beach at the Pavillion in the Bay-Front Park starting at 4pm on Friday. The price includes soft drinks/bottled water. 

Shrimp Boil - $15.00

Name of Diner

Get Yer Texas 200 gear from


































Shiner is the official beer of the Texas 200, Thanks to Shiner beer for their support!


If you are new to the event

 and would like some more information on how all this came to be and what it is all about, here's a link to an article that appeared in Messing About In Boats magazine in 2009-



Want to know more about why the Ducks are returning to the Texas 200? 

Read about it and support the Texas 200 Duck Team's Cancer Fundraising Project!

The Texas 200 Ducks Livestrong Team Page


The PDR World Championships will be held at Magnolia Beach on Saturday, June 14th.

This is the day after the Texas 200 ends-we encourage everyone to stick around for the fun. Here is a Schedule of Events.


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