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The Eighth Annual Texas 200 June 8 - 13, 2015

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    The Texas 200 is a “Raid”-type event; that is, it involves a scheduled gathering of small boats traveling more or less in company from Point A to Point B over a period of several days, camping along the way.  The Texas 200 goes through the Laguna Madre and the bays of South Texas, for five  to six days and about 200 miles along the Intracoastal Waterway (ICW).  For any who may be unfamiliar with the ICW, it follows the Atlantic and Gulf coasts from New Jersey to the southern tip of Texas, providing a more or less protected waterway of canals and bays for commercial barge traffic, an alternative to open ocean shipping.

The Texas 200 was established by Chuck Leinweber, founder of the Duckworks website  Chuck competed in the Everglades Challenge (EC)  several years ago, and wanted to do more of that kind of thing.  The Everglades, however, are a long trip from his home in Texas.  Chuck thought he could organize a modified version of the EC, right on the Texas gulf coast.

                                                                                                             Kim Apel "Acalifornian Does the Texas 200"

What the Texas 200 is:
• A “rolling messabout” where people bring boats of all shapes and sizes and sail them on the south Texas coast.
• A moving, exhausting, endurance test of boat, captain, and crew.
• A chance to see areas of America rarely visited by man.
• An exercise in planning, preparation, and problem solving.
• A chance to make new friends and legends of the small boat world

                                                                                                             Andy Linn "Texas 200: Embrace the Suck"

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